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Asphalt is an ideal choice for all types of pavements, including residential driveways and commercial parking lots. Although asphalt paving is economical, it is still wise to get the longest life possible for your pavement through regular preventive maintenance. One of the best ways to add years to your pavement’s life is to maintain your sealcoating.

What Is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating is the process of applying a sealant over the top of asphalt pavement. The sealant goes on as a liquid that is typically applied with a sprayer; a squeegee can also be used for areas that are difficult to access or otherwise unsuitable for spraying. The sealant contains small particles that knit together during the curing process to form a hard shell that is bonded to the pavement.

How Can Sealcoating Prolong the Life of Asphalt Pavement?

As soon as your asphalt pavement is installed, it begins to be subjected to conditions that are beyond your control. Sealcoating helps asphalt pavement resist the damaging effects of these conditions.

• The sun emits rays that rob the moisture contained in asphalt pavement. The pavement becomes faded, dry, brittle, and more likely to develop cracks or other types of damage. Sealcoating blocks these damaging rays and restores the pavement’s dark color.
• Automotive fluids, including power steering fluid, gas, transmission fluid, and oil, will break down the binder that holds your pavement together. The pavement softens and begins to crumble, making it more susceptible to damage from normal traffic loads and temperature fluctuations. Sealcoating helps keep automotive fluids from reaching the pavement, giving you more time to remove spills before they can damage your pavement. Sealcoating also protects against damage from caustic chemicals and corrosive deicing agents.
• Water poses a serious threat to the longevity of asphalt pavement if the water seeps beneath the surface and erodes the foundation. Sealcoating enhances your pavement’s natural waterproofing qualities. Perhaps more importantly, reputable sealcoating contractors will ensure that significant cracks are repaired before applying a sealant, so you will have greater assurance that your pavement is properly protected from water infiltration.
• In addition to protecting your pavement, sealcoating offers several safety and cosmetic benefits. Refreshing the color of faded asphalt through sealcoating makes your pavement markings stand out, improving safety and adding visual appeal. Sealcoating can cover tiny imperfections to make your pavement appear smoother and more even. Furthermore, sealcoating enhances traction for pedestrians as well as vehicles.

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Service Overview

Legacy Pavement Services is an asphalt maintenace company that specializes in asphalt sealcoating.  We offers a variety of services to homeowners, HOAs, apartment complexes, office parks, retailers, health care facilities, and commercial property managers throughout the Treasure Valley. Our services include sealcoating, parking lot striping, asphalt crack repairs, speed bump installation, concrete repairs, and asphalt patching. We have built our exemplary reputation by using only the best products, delivering work of the highest quality, and providing extraordinary customer service. If you are interested in having us provide you with a free quote, call 208-982-0717 or fill out the online request form.

Why choose us

We are proud to offer special pricing for all veterans and senior citizens. Whether you have a driveway in Nampa, a parking lot in Meridian, or a private road in Boise, we’ve got you covered. Contact Legacy Pavement Services today at 208-982-0717 for more information.

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