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Parking Lot Striping

Your parking lot is normally the first thing people notice when approaching your property and the last thing they see when leaving. It is an important part of the initial impression that people form when they view your property. As the saying goes, you will not get a second chance to make a good first impression. However, professional parking lot striping is about much more than enhancing your curb appeal.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Parking Lot Striping?

Curb appeal is certainly important; a well-maintained, attractive parking lot gives people a subconscious impression of how much you care about your visitors and whether you are attentive to their needs. Other benefits, however, have the potential to affect your profitability.

• If you have ever witnessed how people park when a lot is covered in snow, you probably saw that they parked far apart and at whatever angle they perceived as correct. They tend to do the same thing if parking spaces are not clearly defined. Since the square footage of your parking lot is finite, this haphazard parking means that fewer vehicles can be accommodated. People who cannot find a place to park could simply drive away and take their business to a competitor.
• People want to feel that they and their vehicles will be safe in your parking lot. They do not want their bumpers scraped or their doors dented, and they do not want to place themselves at risk when walking from their cars to your door. If they feel uncomfortable because there are no pavement markings or stripes, they may choose to patronize another business.
• You have certain legal requirements that pertain to your parking lot, including markings for accessible parking. If you are not in compliance with these mandates, you could be fined. Furthermore, your city may have laws that require you to identify tow-away zones, fire lanes, or crosswalks.
• Parking lots without stripes and markings can be confusing places. Confused drivers are typically distracted drivers. Your lot could experience more than its share of minor accidents or potentially serious auto-pedestrian accidents. Aggrieved parties could sue you for compensation for their injuries or the damage to their vehicles. Proper markings and signs can potentially bolster your defense if you find yourself embroiled in a lawsuit.

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Service Overview

If it is time to stripe or restripe your parking lot in the Treasure Valley, contact Legacy Pavement Services. In addition to parking lot striping, we also offer sealcoating, playground striping, speed bumps, asphalt patching, asphalt crack repair, parking lot car stops, and the repair of concrete curbs and sidewalks. We use only high-quality materials and pride ourselves on our workmanship as well as our customer service. We offer free quotes, so request yours today by submitting the online form or calling 208-982-0717.

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We are proud to offer special pricing for all veterans and senior citizens. Whether you have a driveway in Nampa, a parking lot in Meridian, or a private road in Boise, we’ve got you covered. Contact Legacy Pavement Services today at 208-982-0717 for more information.


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