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Asphalt Repair

Throughout the United States, asphalt is the leading paving material for parking lots, residential driveways, rural roads, city thoroughfares, and a variety of other pavements. Asphalt pavement costs less and is faster to install than concrete. Regardless of the material chosen, all pavements will require periodic repairs to reach their full life expectancy. Fortunately, asphalt repairs are fast and economical when performed within a reasonable time frame.

What Is Asphalt Repair?

The term is typically used to describe a procedure known as asphalt patching. The primary purpose of these repairs is to prevent water penetration. Breaks in the pavement, including cracks, potholes, and alligator cracks, provide access for water to penetrate to the base layers. The water plucks material from the base, weakening it and compromising its ability to support the pavement. When the water freezes, it expands upward, inflicting additional damage on the base as well as the pavement. Once the ice melts, the pavement can sag, resulting in potholes and alligator cracking. The pavement could require a costly base repair or even a complete reconstruction. Asphalt patching is typically quite economical, especially when compared to the alternatives. There are various methods that can be used, including both temporary and permanent fixes.

1. Temporary methods include cold patches and skin patches. Cold patches typically last only a few weeks or two to three months. They are normally reserved for times when it is critical to seal the pavement break, but the weather does not permit an alternative method to be used. A cold patch may also be used if the asphalt plants have closed for the season. The other type of temporary patch is called a skin patch, which has a life of 18 to 24 months unless it is damaged or scraped away by a snowplow. As the name implies, a skin patch is a bit like a bandage you might apply to cover a cut in your finger.
2. The two permanent repairs are the saw and replace method and the full-depth repair method. These methods both require the removal of the damaged pavement along with a small border of undamaged pavement. With the saw and replace method, the area is cleaned, the walls of the void are smoothed, and new asphalt is introduced and compacted. The full-depth repair follows the same procedure, but it includes repairing the base before the asphalt is replaced.​

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Service Overview

If you need asphalt repairs, contact the experts at Legacy Pavement Services. We provide our services to commercial and residential clients in the greater Boise area, including Nampa, Caldwell, Meridian, Eagle, and McCall. Our services include asphalt patching, sealcoating, crack repairs, parking lot line striping and pavement markings, speed bump installations, and concrete repairs. We are known for our high-quality craftsmanship, commitment to customer service, and reasonable prices. For a free quote, complete the request form online or call 208-982-0717.

Why choose us

We are proud to offer special pricing for all veterans and senior citizens. Whether you have a driveway in Nampa, a parking lot in Meridian, or a private road in Boise, we’ve got you covered. Contact Legacy Pavement Services today at 208-982-0717 for more information. We are approved to work with many of the large national retailers and maintain General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance.

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